• Three-segment professional aluminium massage table in high-end finish. Adjustable section allows for patient positioning. Width: 70 cm. Working weight: 350 kg..
  • Premium aluminium construction with easy height adjustment (62 - 90 cm)..
  • Ergonomic face rest perfectly fitted to the shape of the face provides maximum comfort.
  • 2-layered 5 cm flexible foam system covered with durable, resistant and phthalates-free upholstery..
  • Resistant frame made of the highest quality aluminium, 6 years warranty..
  • Imported from UK.
Most advanced, classic aluminium massage table produced continuously for 10 years. Excellent for cosmetic treatments, reflexology and other massage treatments that require raising one of the patient’s limbs or body parts. Created by the leading European manufacturer with 19 years of expertise in applying the most rigorous production standards while providing an exceptional massage experience. Key features: * Adjustable section for patient positioning. * Convenient, easy to operate, steel positioning mechanisms ensuring high comfort of work for the masseur and safety of the patient. * 10-position height setting for perfectly adjusting table height for masseur and therapy requirements. * Tabletop with rounded, ergonomic corners. * Light and sturdy, homogenous welded aluminium construction providing reduced weight, maximum durability and resistance. * Flexible and comfortable 5 cm composition of foams resistant to deformations. * Flexible, durable, non-flammable, oil and sweat resistant, phthalates free upholstery for maximum comfort, safety and hygiene. Produced exclusively for Habys. * Steel, plated cables and crosswise reinforcement of unique design for enhanced stability. * Mobile joints with improved resistance for maximum durability. * Anti-slip footing providing stability on slippery surfaces. A modern and dynamic look is highlighted by rounded corners and cross-piece of unique design. The table carries 6 years warranty on frame, and 2 years warranty on upholstery. * Height: 61,5 - 90,5 cm * Width: 70 cm * Length: 180 cm (210 cm with face rest) * Weight: 20,40 kg * Dimensions after folding: 90x70x17 cm * Working weight: 350 kg Box Contains ------------ Table is equipped with tilting face rest, standard front shelf and convenient, extra-capacious carry case. Case is made of resistant material, perfectly securing the table against damages and the bottom of the case is reinforced with waterproof, non-slip, gummed material.

Habys Panda Al Plus Pro 70 Aluminium Portable Massage Table Package, Limone